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Hatric Anticeptic Hand Wash Soap

We are a well-known Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Hatric Anticeptic Hand Wash Soaps from Jammu & Kashmir. Our Hatric Anticeptic Hand Wash Soaps keep hands clean and soft. The Hand Wash Soap we make available has antibacterial properties. We hold the expertise of delivering bulk orders of the Hand Wash Soaps within the allocated time. One can obtain the Hand Wash Soaps at affordable rates.

Details :

  • HC13 Hand Wash Soap (Anti-septic)
  • Uses : It is used to keep hands Clean, Soft & Free from germs µ-organisms.
  • Features :  It has anti bacterial properties.
  • Applications :  Used on the hands of doctors, engineers and other working professionals.
  • Packs :  Available in 50ltr, 220ltr pack